Zero Energy Home
Comfortable temperature 21-23 C
Zero Energy Bills
Healthy indoor climate
Humidity 55-65%
Clean air
(Low CO2)
A smart zero-energy comfortable home that is affordable to buy and costs less to own.

Our solution solves the problem of reducing energy consumption and ensures the highest quality of the indoor environment.
Highest Indoor Environment Quality
Our Mission and Vision

We strongly believe the Zero Energy and Low Carbon Emission Homes are the future of the Building Industry. Only 2% new homes meet the TOP Energy Performance Level in 2021.

Our Global Goal is delivering innovative, healthy and cost-efficient homes to the Real Estate Mass Market.
We are looking for funds and companies who share our global vision of Zero Homes Market.

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Problems we solve
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Low Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings.
Our solution reduces the electricity bills to Zero (or minimum).
Low Quality of Indoor Environment (Thermal Comfort, Air Quality).
We provide sustainable healthy indoor climate.

Ready-to-use solution (Know How) for a High-Quality Indoor Environment and Zero Energy Consumption.
Can be used for single home or group of houses (village).

We we offer
Key Benefits for Customers
and Stakeholders
1. Reduces Energy consumption.
2.Cuts the total cost of electricity bills.
3.Carbon Free and Climate Friendly.
4.Compile with EU Carbon Initiatives.
5.Increases Value of Property.
6.Provides comfortable indoor climate.
7. Low mortgage risks for banks.
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More about us
VirtoProperty has 21 years of experience and successful live projects in Spain and Europe, including IT and and intelligent climate solutions.

We offer the Solution for the Real Estate Market and look for Early Stage Investments.
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